Do you want your celebration to become an unforgettable day?

From JokeBook we help you to get it.

We take care of organize a very special joke for the protagonist of each celebration  (bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries…),

You just have to ask and we will organize a joke adapted to each case.

We have a dedicated profesional team to making your fareweel or any type of event one day not to forget. Each joke will have a duration appropriate to your event and will bring that point of grace and laughter that will differentiate it from traditionaal celebrations.

We assure you moments of laughter with your group of Friends from an original and different  party concept that you will remember forever.

Best of all, we have different levels, adapting to each situation.


For those who want a laugh and party. Time setting certain limits.


If you want the party`s protagonist to experience a stronger situation.


For groups of people who need strong emotions.